Markus Fritz – CEO

“You feel better, if you exercise and keep your body preventatively fit and healthy.”

We offer you an interdisciplinary and interactive gym concept that focuses on health and well-being in your body. Our health is the most valuable we own. Therefore we developed a concept, together with our medical doctors, sport scientists, athletes, personal trainers and physiotherapists that supports fitness, mental well-being and health in general: holistic, sustainable and from one source.

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Core stability

The Intensic-line focuses on stabilization and strengthening your core muscles. Preventive back muscle exercise will relieve your everyday life.

Preventive back muscle exercise will relieve your everyday life.




Fully digitized

With the equipment of the MilonQ circle you will reach the best possible training results with little expenditure of time. All of the main muscle groups are required, and at the same time strength, stamina and flexibility will be increased during the training unit.



Mobility x5

With the FIVE devices you can promote physical work out of the muscles next to stretching units at the same time. This way the muscle will learn motion patterns and can deal better with restrictions of movement in everyday life.



Vacuum therapy

With the devices from Proxomed, therapeutic content and exercises can be carried out. The devices offer the possibility of optimal biomechanical movements and support your training with intelligent software.



Analysis for the best possible start

At the beginning of your training, we offer you body analyzes as part of our anamnesis support so that you can receive an individually tailored training program.



Pure relaxation

Relaxation and time to reflect are as important as the training itself. Let our world of silence inspire you!


Equipment training

Target muscle formation
with innovation

Train on modern, digital and innovative devices that display and automatically document your training successes and increases in real time.


Supervised training
Supervised training
Professional attendance

With THE MEDICAL GYM we put the main emphasis on the individual care of our members. The skilled stuff and our personal trainers will be happy to support you.