Analysis for the optimal start

Our body is a fascinating structure that functions with a complex interplay of nerves, impulses and bio-mechanical processes. In order to adapt your training to you as best as possible, we offer you on-site body analyzes with which we can find out which training program best suits you and your body. All measurements and analyzes are carried out by our professionally trained THE MEDICAL GYM team.

Mobility measurement
with mobee® fit

Part of the basic package at THE MEDICAL GYM is the mobility measurement from mobee® fit.

Simple and functional mobility tests are carried out together with you and our staff and documented in real time. This analyzes your mobility and the current condition of your muscle groups, which enables us to identify muscular deficits and asymmetries. These measured values ​​form the basis for a balanced and individual training plan that we create for you
will be created afterwards.


In addition to the mobee® fit mobility measurement, the premium package also includes a metabolic analysis using a breathing gas test from DYNOSTICS.

With the breathing gas test, important, individual information on your metabolism and calorie consumption is collected in just 5 minutes. This includes data on your exact calorie consumption per day and a precise list of the proportions of carbohydrates, fats and proteins you use. Based on this data, we can go into more detail about you and your training goals and recommend a nutritional strategy.


Pure relaxation

Relaxation and time to reflect are as important as the training itself. Let yourself be carried away into a world of tranquility!


Equipment training

Targeted muscle building with innovation

Train on modern, digital and innovative devices that display and automatically document your training successes and increases in real time.


Supervised training
Supervised training

Professional support

At THE MEDICAL GYM, we focus on individual support for our members. The trained specialists and our personal trainers will be happy to support you.