Every now and again doctors and therapists wonder where to send their patients for a follow-up-treatment or therapy of existing symptoms of the muscular-skeletal system respectively. Because mostly patients come back after completed therapy – and this is by no means a single case. Sometimes they come with the same complaints but often with further injuries. The reason is: Physical stability and fitness are a lifelong task. A short term professional treatment is often not enough. Many people fall back into old patterns or make their condition worse through the wrong training.

This is where THE MEDICAL GYM comes into play. Our holistic approach offers the possibility for patients and members to get fit for the everyday life over the long term effectively and sustainably on first class devices by Proxomed, Milon, TechnoGym, FIVE and other major providers as well as with professional care by physiotherapists, osteopaths, sport medicine specialists and sport scientists.

All patients and members pass through a meticulous analysis of the skeletal muscles, of all joints and of the extent of the current sensation of pain. After the acute phase they will pass through several build-up phases up to preventive stabilization.

Training success will be scaled, documented and analyzed with the help of innovative devices. In each case we focus always on the individual symptoms as well as the individual condition of the patient (everyday life, stress, lifestyle, further burden). With devices like “Alter G” for instance, we can carry out helpful gait pattern analysis. On the basis of those devises, THE MEDICAL GYM offers the optimal foundation for progressive anti-gravitation and stabilization training.